From the desk of the Principal

Education empowers a person at multiple levels. It prepares him/her to meet life’s challenges not only at individual level to lead  meaningful life but also enables him/her to become a useful member of the society. The role of a teacher in inculcating the ethical values, scientific temper and humanistic concerns in the students is considered the most vital component of the whole process of education.
                With new situation evolving everyday in and around us is essential to adjust the goal of education to meet the new challenges. While its ethos remains universally valid, education lays emphasis on offering various skills and values to learner from time to time for the progress and well-being of the society in general and this however does imply the new role of the teacher and the taught.
                 Both imparting and receiving education has become a very challenging task for the stakeholders- the teacher and the learner- in an age of knowledge explosion. The teacher has to bear an onerous responsibility of grooming the students to face newer challenges and equipping them with necessary skills. The educational planners have therefore rightly recognized the need of effective teacher training program for the teachers particularly at the school level and NCTE has appropriately proposed new guidelines so that the teacher can be a self-motivated participant in the task of nation – building by grooming the prospective teachers in the right directions.
                Assam still lagging behind in preparing a pool of trained teachers at par with the national level. However, there is a happy sign that the importance of effective teachers training program eventually cover all the school teachers of the state is being recognized at the planning level.
                Dr. Anita Baruah Sarma College of Education has been offering an effective training program of teacher education with the help of dedicated faculty and excellent back-up facility.
                I am privileged to be a part of this great institution and feel immensely happy to offer my heartiest welcome to the new batch of trainees.
                I hope that they will make the best use of the available resources here and attain the necessary professional competence to guide there students.
                I wish the teacher training programme of Dr. Anita Baruah Sarmah College of education a grand success.





Dr. Bhadra Phukan

M.A, B.T ,PhD

 Former Principal, Govt. Shikshan Mahavidyalaya(CTE), Nagaon, Assam