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About Dr. Anita Baruah Sarmah

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Dr Anita Baruah Sarmah, a distinguished teacher and scholar of repute, started her career as a Lecturer in the Department of English, Gauhati University, where she served for a period of 22 years under several esteemed designations. Dr Baruah Sarmah was associated with NERIM Educational Society since its inception and was its philosopher and guide throughout its growth and development. For a short span of time, she remained as the President of NERIM Educational Society. Dr Baruah Sarmah cherished a dream of setting-up an institute of excellence in the field of Education. She treasured a vision of providing qualitative training to the teachers who act as torch-bearers to our future generation, and thereby, develop Human Resource in an appropriate direction.

The idea of setting up a College of Education by NERIM Educational Society was originated by Dr Anita Baruah Sarmah. The proposal for obtaining necessary statutory recognition from NCTE, Govt. of India was moved as per her advice in the month of December, 2003. Hence, in order to perpetuate the memory of Dr Anita Baruah Sarmah and to fulfill her dream “NERIM Teachers’ Training College (NTTC)” had been dedicated to the people of Assam as:


Dr Anita Baruah Sarmah College of Education.